Equalan Pharma Europe Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically developing Polish Dermocosmetics company founded in 2009. Equalan Pharma's mission is to create cosmetics based on innovative and safe ingredients that are a response to the needs of our Customers in accordance with the principle: "How many people, so many needs". We want our Customers thanks to Equalan Pharma cosmetics to feel beautiful and special at any age, every day... Our portfolio includes a wide range of specialized products for hair, face and body care. We are present on the Polish market in pharmacies, medical stores, dermatological clinics, wholesalers, beauty salons and drugstores.


Equalan Pharma cares for the needs of its Customers and the quality of its products. In order to ensure safety and confirm compliance with the required standards, all cosmetics are manufactured in accordance with the highest GMP quality standards. Caring for the needs of our customers, we focus on innovative solutions and continuous improvement and development. To meet the requirements, we are constantly striving to expand our offer to include products that will meet the expectations of our Customers.

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